Phase 2

The purpose of Phase 2 (Option Selection) is to examine a wide range of reasonable options and alternatives and determine a preferred option for the scheme.

During this phase, a suitable study area is initially identified in which the options and alternatives identified in Phase 1 are further developed and assessed. A detailed Constraints Study is undertaken in order to identify the nature and extent, at an appropriate level of detail, of constraints within the defined study area. Following this, a systematic and rigorous assessment of options against the scheme objectives is carried out considering a broad range of environmental, engineering and economic criteria.

Phase 2 of the project concluded in 2021, with the announcement and public display of a preferred option for the scheme, together with the publication of the Option Selection Report in December. This report is available to download under the ‘Publications’ tab on the menu above. In the absence of funding, the scheme has not yet progressed to Phase 3. Further detail is provided in Bulletin #12.